A Guide for a Low Carb Low Calorie Diet

Egg and ham salad
Is there any low calorie low carb diet that effectively works? This is one of the common questions that people ask these days. Most people are used to the idea that counting calories is the best way to lose weight. However, following a low calorie low carb diet does not require eating less but it is just a matter of eating differently.

Diet plans which are low in carbs are usually higher in fat intake. In fact, most diet programs nowadays will require you to eat more fats than you are used to but you are restricted in eating high caloric or carbohydrate rich foods.

As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t worry too much about taking calories on a low carb diet plan. This is because several research have proven that those who are following a low fat diet and a low carb diet plan can still lose the same amount of weight.

This happens due to the body switching to a different way in converting food into a source of energy when you do not take enough carbohydrates. Since the body does not have enough carbohydrates, it will burn fats instead for you to effectively lose weight.

For a lot of people, it is difficult to adjust into having a high fat diet because most people think that fat is bad. You should change your way of thinking that you should restrict yourself from eating fats. For a low carb eating plan, there are no enemies except for sugar. Eating Carbohydrates rich foods should be controlled but still, you should know that your body needs some of it such as vegetables.

Another good reason why high fat diet program is great instead of eating carbohydrates is because we feel less hungry when eating fatty foods thus, you will less likely eat snacks or crave to eating more foods.

Skipping meals have been proven to be bad for people who want to lose weight and there are 2 major reasons why. First of all, your metabolism will slow down thus, you will not be losing weight fast. Secondly, you can easily go off the weight loss plan since you are going to be hungry and you can easily get tempted of eating more.

Because of this, it is good for you to take one high carb meal a day for the body to maintain the metabolic rate and for the body to have the energy of doing its normal activities. All in all, the best thing to do is not to take risk and just concentrate on following a good low carb plan so that you can enjoy your life and enjoy eating delicious meals and foods that you are allowed to take, guilt-free.

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